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About Torelli Investment Realty

Welcome! I’m Guy Torelli, and I’ve spent the last three decades helping multi-family investors acquire mobile home parks, RV parks, and apartment properties. My experience includes closing escrow on over 5,500 units and spaces from $300,000 to $14 million in 7 states . . . and from owning over 270 apartment, mobile home park & RV spaces. I currently own parks in the Mid West.

Specialties include AITD’s, Lease Options, Land Contracts, Short Sales, Subject To, Seller Financing, Tax Deferred Exchanges, and Reverse Exchanges. I’ve also renovated apartments and mobile homes down to the studs and re-built them.

The mobile home renovations include new electric, plumbing, insulation, windows, siding, kitchens, bathrooms, and mini-split heat and A/C units. I’ve also separately metered a park with master metered electric, upgraded sewer and water lines, graded roads, and created RV spaces. So far I’ve taken 14 kitchens & 22 bathrooms down to the studs and renovated them, and built two guest houses from scratch.

To top it off, I actually lived in one of our mobile homes for three weeks . . . in the summer . . . in the midwest! So making recommendations and solving problems from personal experience is my specialty.

I’m an incurable self-taught person that loves learning; books, webinars, podcasts, online lectures and training sessions help me put into practice the best ideas and to keep my brain sharp.

Please let me know how I can help you.

call or text: 949-862-1000
email: Guy@guytorelli.com

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